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INS/GPS: The Inertial Labs INS-P utilizes advanced GNSS receiver, barometer, 3 axis magnetometer, 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyro.

μIMU/μAHRS/μINS: micro IMU/GPS, micro AHRS/GPS and micro INS/GPS by Inertial Sense are perfect solution for size limited applications. Products are available in both OEM configuration (without enclosure) and also with a rugged enclosure.

MEMS Accelerometers:         The MS1000.D series of accelerometers is ideal for a wide range of application requiring inertial sensing, tilt and inclination sensing or vibration sensing.

GNSS Receiver: The AsteRx-m2 is a high performance, ultra low power  GNSS Receiver.

Video Tracker: The  SLA1500 and SLA3000 video processing boards support features such as video stabilization, video encloding, motion detection and object tracking.



FMS Aerospace Ltd is a technical sales representative of manufacturers in the domain of aerospace and defense electronics

FMS provides solutions ranging from simple applications to challenging custom engineered solutions. FMS can support customers on applications ranging from sensors or electronic

board design to sophisticated airborne systems.

FMS was established in 2002 to serve the growing needs in the aerospace and defense industries in Israel. Since it's establishment FMS has specialized

in meeting it's client's needs.

FMS has built a base of represented leading firms that supply the Israeli market and pride ourselves on excellent service, as well as a tradition of listening and responding quickly but accurately to our client`s needs.

FMS also offers the support of a team of highly qualified and dedicated sales people and engineers. We pride ourselves on the high level of service and professionalism we provide our clients. FMS will assist you during the R&D stage and then will help to keep the logistic channel in excellent working condition in the production stage with the help of our highly experienced administration team. 

FMS mainly serve the local defense contractors, the local UAV OEM's, the local aircraft/helicopters modification centers, the local airlines and the Israeli Air Force.

FMS customer base includes: IAI, Elbit Systems, Elta, Rafael, Elisra, El-Op, Aeronautics, 
El-Al Airlines, IAF and many others.

FMS goal is customer satisfaction !

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